Congrats Confirmands!!

A big THANK YOU to our Confirmation Leaders, all of our volunteers and helpers for showing our kids what it means to be a part of our community!  And congrats to our 10 confirmands of 2017!

Your Children are Welcome Here!

We love the sound and energy of children, and their presence will not be disruptive to us. They may join you for the entire time in any of our worship services if you choose. We also offer several other options for your, and their, convenience:


Weekly Programming

Foundations (Youth Group) – K-8 Tuesdays and High School Thursdays

Dinner, games, songs and small group discussion focusing on the four F’s – Faith, Fellowship, Food and Fun! A joint dinner will be followed by song time and large group games for the whole youth group. Following, participants will split into small groups for fellowship and curriculum. Children and youth are all welcome to attend. This program is deliberately interfaith, not just focusing on the Lutheran and Methodist traditions of the Coop, but also integrating with the Baptist traditions of FBC and any other community of faith that wishes to attend!

Location: Sanctuary Building, Social Hall

Date Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Tinkle Bells – K-8

Handbells and chimes choir for any elementary age kids. The choir occasionally rings in Coop services, but can also be transported to other venues for performances.

Location: Balcony Classroom

Date Time: Following K-8 Foundations- Tuesdays at 7pm *with enough interest

Ding-A-Lings – High School

Handbells and chimes choir for any middle school or high school age kids. The choir occasionally rings in Coop services, but can also be transported to other venues for performances.

Location: Bell Room

Date Time: Thursdays 7:00 PM to 7:45 PM

Monthly Programming

All Church Activity – K-12,  families and friends!

Once a month, the Christian Education team will sponsor an all church activity for any children, youth and anyone else who would like to attend. All Church activities include beach trips, trips to museums, mystery trips, and other events. Check our calendar for dates and details!

Special Programming 

Christmas Play/Program and practices – all ages

This year, the Christmas play will not be performed during the church service, but instead be performed on a Friday and/or Saturday evening with an emphasis of welcoming the community into our church. All ages are welcome to participate in the Christmas play. There will be small parts, large parts, singing parts, speaking parts, and behind-the-scene parts. Tryouts for the Christmas play will be in October. Practices will be weekly, but not every person will need to come to each practice.

Location: Great Room

Date Time: Sunday afternoons (TBD)

Lock-Ins – 6-12

These all night events are welcome to any youth and their friends who would like to participate. Lock-ins generally run from 8pm to 8am on Friday nights. The youth and their advisers are locked into the old building of the Coop and no other groups are permitted entry during that time. Lock-ins generally revolve around a theme (for instance the last two have been Zombie Faith and Teamwork) and include food, games, and generally a movie.

Location: Old Building of Coop

Date Time: TBD

Youth Day at SMB – all ages

Fifth Saturday of those months which have them are the Youth Volunteer Days at Saturday Morning Breakfast. Children, youth and families are encouraged to volunteer at any time at SMB, but especially on Fifth Saturdays.

Location: Great Room

Date Time: Fifth Saturdays

Still have questions? You can contact the church office at, or 503-472-5622.