The CoopCast is a condensed version of the previous week’s worship recorded each Sunday at our Celebration Service  (10:30 am)

If you missed a Sunday, or want to revisit a sermon, this is the place for you!


2018  Advent Theme  –  Ancient Weirdoes

Guest speaker  –  Steve Rutledge,  Linfield Professor of Ancient History


Together, Brennen and Steve Rutledge have a weekly conversation

about the world that Jesus is being born into and the world his life

and ministry took place.  All are welcome to listen in on this wonderful

conversation that sets the stage for the coming Christmas season.



December 2nd, 2018  (First Sunday of Advent )

John the Baptist  –  Part  1 0f 2

Worship Assistant  –  Preston Henry


John the Baptist  –  Part  2 0f 2

The Message  –  Professor Steve Rutledge  &  Pastor Brennen Guillory




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  1. Jane Moore

    Really appreciate this condensed opportunity because it includes the parts of worship that are of most value to me.

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