The CoOp Cast is a condensed version of the previous week’s worship recorded each Sunday at our Celebration Service.  Curious about the background for each sermon?  Visit our Devotional!


Roll Down Justice worship series:

May 14th, 2017  –  We Dream a Church:  Guest speaker Bobby Langhorne


May 21st, 2017  –  We Choose Love


May 28th, 2017  –  God Has Work for Us to Do



Sacred worship series:

November 27th, 2016  –  Time



The Outsiders worship series:

November 13th, 2016  –  The Tormented


November 20th, 2016  –  The Neighbor



Christian Mysticism worship series:

May 22nd, 2016  –  The  Roots  of  Christian  Mysticism



May 29th, 2016  –  Jesus  the  Mystic



June 12th, 2016  –  Paul,  Mystic?



A Place To Call Home worship series:

March 27th, 2016  –  Easter  Sunday



April 3rd, 2016  –  All  Are  Welcome



April 10th, 2016  –  You  Are  Family



April 17th, 2016  –  A  Place  at  the  Table



April 24th, 2016  –  Always  Room  for  One  More



May 1st, 2016  –  Abiding  in  Love



May 8th, 2016  –  Coming  Home



May 15th, 2016  –  The  Spirit  Makes  a  Home  with  Us

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