The CoopCast is a condensed version of the previous week’s worship recorded each Sunday at our Celebration Service  (10:30 am)

If you missed a Sunday, or want to revisit a sermon, this is the place for you!


We have a NEW Pastor and in case you weren’t there to witness, here are Brennen’s first weeks with us.  ENJOY and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



December 17th, 2017  –  Mary’s Journey. Our Journey  (Guest Speaker Efrain Arradondo)



December 3rd, 2017  –  Global Migration Sunday  (Guest Speaker Juan Carlos la Puente)



November 19th, 2017  –  Thanksgiving for the First Gift



November 12th, 2017  –  Thanksgiving as a Way of Life



November 5th, 2017  –  Thanksgiving for All Who Have Gone Before Us  (All Saints Day)



October 29th, 2017  –  Reformation  &  Reconciliation  (Q & A with Lumen Christi)



October 22nd, 2017  –  Justice  &  Fairness



October 8th, 2017  –  Adaptation



October 1st, 2017  –  Saying Yes;  Saying No 



September 24th, 2017  –  Liminality



September 17th, 2017  –  God’s  Call   (Pastor Brennen’s 1st service)












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