Explore Mysticism with the CoOp!

What is Mysticism and why would a Christian want to explore it?

Mysticism is the belief that union with a Deity or the absolute, or the gathering of  spiritual knowledge inaccessible to the intellect, and may be attained through contemplation and self-surrender.

There have been tons of famous Mystics through out time, some Christian some not.  Join us as we meditate on the concept of the greater and learn how those who have gone before us have done the same.

All are Welcome at McMinnville Cooperative Ministries!

McMinnville Cooperative Ministries is a joint ministry of McMinnville United Methodist Church and Trinity Lutheran Church of McMinnville.  We are a welcoming Christian community, united in our desire to work with all people to restore all of creation to God’s loving embrace. Read more…


McMinnville Cooperative Ministries is centrally located in historic downtown McMinnville, Oregon.   Our main campus is at 544 NE 2nd Street.

Additionally, the Parkview Campus, home to a community garden, labyrinth, and picnic area is located at 325 NE Burnett Rd., McMinnville, OR 97128.